Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Joy Journal

Whom do you laugh with the most? Let's see...since I'm pretty famous for my laughter, that could be a hard one. I would probably have to go with Mr. Wonderful since I spend the most time with him. How about you...whom do you laugh with the most?

Now, I want YOU to remember a time when you laughed so hard you thought you'd fall over. I have more than one, but the one that I remember the most is when I was playing cards with my dad, mom and Lynn. I was recovering from surgery so I had a pillow handy in case I had to sneeze. Little did I know I would need it for laughing.  My dad kept doing things that made me laugh which caused me great pain. He got tickled and started laughing which caused me to laugh more and...well, you get the picture.  It was a great time and one of the memories I will always cherish. So, if you haven't laughed in awhile, why not try it today!

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