Sunday, July 10, 2011

A New Beginning

My monthly scrapbook club met on Saturday so I got to hang out with "my girls!" I love these women so much! Everyone needs to have a group of women they can be themselves around. We have a blast each month, cropping, talking, eating, talking, swapping, talking....did I mention talking?? We range in age from 13 to 56 (okay in 4 days I'll be 57). There isn't anything I wouldn't do for these gals and I know I could count on them as well.

I started reading a new book. Now, I'm not a reader, but the title really intrigued me...Life Is Short, Wear Your Party Pants by Loretta LaRoche. One of the first things she mentions is everyone should have a Joy Journal so my journey begins won't you come along for the ride??

Joy for today - I have a wonderful husband that loves me unconditionally and treats me like a queen! He is my soul mate and we have been married for 28 beautiful years! I love you, Mr. Wonderful!

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